Our Mission

Kerr Connect is committed to providing exceptional special education services adhering to all federal and state guidelines.  Our mission is to hire well-trained and passionate professionals dedicated to providing efficient and effective services.

Kerr Connect is a privately owned company that provides speech-language, occupational and physical therapy as well as school psychology and social work to students in a variety of settings and schools.  Other services provided include hearing and vision therapy, audiology, adapted physical education and certified behavioral analysts (BCBA).  With our knowledge of federal and state special education requirements, we can help schools with both compliance audits and training in special education procedures.  We pride ourselves on hiring the best professionals, delivering the highest quality of service, and abiding by all federal and state special education guidelines.

Kerr Connect has worked with schools providing special education services over 20 years.  Our company now serves over sixty charter schools and school districts in Colorado, Georgia, Indiana, Louisiana, Michigan, North Carolina, Ohio, South Carolina, and Wisconsin.  All providers and therapists are certified and licensed in the states in which they work.

Corporate Office

1319 Military Cutoff Road, Suite CC-213
Wilmington, NC 28405
Phone: 336-370-4070
Fax: 336-370-9008

Therapy in Education

Educational therapy is used to treat children with learning differences, disabilities, and challenges in the school setting.  Therapy in the school environment includes a wide range of treatments designed to help students overcome and/or compensate for learning deficits, as well as difficulty accessing the general curriculum . Educational therapy is unique and effective because it helps students recognize their strengths while making sense of their struggles.

Therapy in Education (image)

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