Therapy and Rehabilitation Careers with Kerr Connect

Highlights of Benefits

At Kerr Connect, we offer:

  • Full and part-time positions
  • Excellent salaries
  • Outstanding benefits package including
    • Employer Matching 401K Plan
    • Health Insurance Benefits
  • Flexible schedules and hours
  • Company paid state and national dues
  • Company paid annual state license fee
  • Continuing education

If interested in employment, please fax resume to 336-370-9008

Therapy in Education

Educational therapy is used to treat children with learning differences, disabilities, and challenges in the school setting.  Therapy in the school environment includes a wide range of treatments designed to help students overcome and/or compensate for learning deficits, as well as difficulty accessing the general curriculum . Educational therapy is unique and effective because it helps students recognize their strengths while making sense of their struggles.

Therapy in Education (image)

education, elementary school, learning, technology and people concept - group of school kids with teacher looking to tablet pc computer in classroom