School Psychology Services

What We Do

Kerr Connect school psychologists are dedicated to helping children, families and schools succeed.  They add structure to the school environment with a positive approach that consists of collaboration, consultation, research-based intervention practices and psycho-educational evaluations based on individual student needs.   They work efficiently to offer a comprehensive model of service delivery, always contributing to student success and maintaining compliance with federal and state guidelines.  Our school psychologists possess a vast knowledge of legal and ethical practices in school psychology and they operate according to best practice, seeing that child advocacy and culturally responsive practices are at the heart of their work.   


Our school psychologists offer a range of school-based services that allow children, families, schools and communities to work together for the most optimal outcomes.  They are able to lead a team towards accurate legal and ethical decision-making, yet they acknowledge that each team member is equally valuable.  Our school psychologists encourage contributions from all key stakeholders in order to accurately and effectively serve students.


Our school psychologists are well-versed in the Response-to-Intervention model and they are equipped to implement research-based interventions in any building, at any grade level.  They use a problem-solving approach for prevention and intervention and valid assessment tools for baseline data collection and progress monitoring.

We offer district-wide, school-wide and small-group trainings and development to enhance knowledge and skills related to prevention and intervention.  Trainings and developments are designed to equip team members with the skills needed to improve an existing intervention framework or start-from-scratch to integrate research-based intervention practices.  These trainings and developments can be provided according to your school’s needs.

Psycho-Educational Evaluations

In addition to offering intervention services, our psychologists are able to utilize standardized assessments and conduct psycho-educational evaluations for special education services.  Our school psychologists conduct evaluations with an emphasis on assessing the whole child, which inevitably leads to accurate identification of student needs.  After identifying student needs, our school psychologists offer individualized supports for each student.  As a result, students are equipped to learn, grow and develop and families begin to thrive.


Our school psychologists conduct their work in the most efficient, yet effective manner possible.  They target productivity while providing high quality services.  Each psychologist will use a variety of tools for accurate and quick output, while assessing the whole-child and collaborating with team members to ensure  the provision of comprehensive services.   


Our school psychologists prioritize compliance with federal and state guidelines without wavering.  They plan ahead to ensure the completion of all tasks and projects well before any legal deadlines and they engage in regular professional development to stay up-to-date on all policy changes.  With Kerr Connect school psychology services, you can rest assured that your timelines will be met.

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Therapy in Education

Educational therapy is used to treat children with learning differences, disabilities, and challenges in the school setting.  Therapy in the school environment includes a wide range of treatments designed to help students overcome and/or compensate for learning deficits, as well as difficulty accessing the general curriculum . Educational therapy is unique and effective because it helps students recognize their strengths while making sense of their struggles.

Therapy in Education (image)

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