Who We Are

Kerr Connect provides all special education needs including Speech, OT, PT, School Psychology and Social Work. Other services include Board Certified Behavior Analysts, Audiologists, Vision and Hearing Impaired Specialists and Compliance Audits.

Kerr Connect is committed to providing the highest quality of services in the school setting. Our experienced associates are not only knowledgeable in their given fields, but are familiar with special education compliance guidelines in each state.

We are devoted to working as a team with administrators, teachers, colleagues and parents to address the needs of the whole child. With a network of special education specialists in several states (currently in nine states), we stand ready to assist you with your Special Education needs.

We pride ourselves on hiring the best professionals, delivering the highest quality care and abiding by all special education guidelines within each state.

Therapy in Education

Educational therapy is used to treat children with learning differences, disabilities, and challenges in the school setting.  Therapy in the school environment includes a wide range of treatments designed to help students overcome and/or compensate for learning deficits, as well as difficulty accessing the general curriculum . Educational therapy is unique and effective because it helps students recognize their strengths while making sense of their struggles.

Therapy in Education (image)

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